“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”
Albert Einstein

“I enjoy things that have meanings on several levels,” says Linda Hofheinz. She is referring to a particular turn of a phrase in a little-known poem, but the statement also applies to her bold, imaginative paintings.

Her work is dense and delicate, precise and particular, yet it opens itself up to many interpretations. Viewers and patrons have written e-mails or confided that a certain detail speaks directly to them.

Hofheinz is pleased that her paintings have touched those who experience them, but she does not presume to interpret the experience for others. Their relationship with a given work is their own -- she is only the doorkeeper.

When viewers enter that door, there is a sense of timelessness, yet familiarity. It is as if myths or much-told tales have come to life in a transcendent universe.

Her research may include paintings of the Flemish Masters, stories of saints and sinners, myths, fashion magazines, scientific writings about animals and birds, modern and ancient poetry, calligraphy or human anatomy.